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Keep people focused on what’s important, with incentives that inspire and increase sales.

According to an Incentive Federation study, sales programs using the right incentives report an 80% success rate in reaching goals. But what’s the right sales incentive? Something meaningful. And for sales, that’s something both personal and novel, because no one in sales is a stranger to incentives. They’ve seen it all, and had the chance to win it at some point. Good news: our customizable products give you the freedom to create something completely new that appeals to everyone and generates results.

What’s that new in prepaid card rewards? The ability to design custom themes and experiences by picking and choosing where a card can be spent. It may seem counterintuitive and even less rewarding to limit spending options for reward earners, but it can actually be a more powerful motivator than cash or a specific trip or item. It’s simple human psychology: when a person thinks of cash, or a clearly defined trip or item, it doesn’t engage the creative, right side of the brain. But give a person an idea, and the right brain repeatedly anticipates and imagines how that experience could be, from a personal perspective. Think about it this way: you’d rather have your favorite flavor of ice cream than a scoop of fudge ripple.

Psychology aside, you still might think that cash is a better, simpler way to reward your sales team for reaching their goals, but consider this: cash gets combined with “everyday” funds, so the moment of reward selection and redemption is lost. In fact, someone could end up spending their hard-earned reward stocking up on bulk goods at a discount store. That’s hardly exciting, or memorable. Or motivating enough to overcome “been there, earned that.

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