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Today’s consumers are smarter than ever. They know how to find the best deals and the deepest discounts. That’s why they generally prefer rebates — also known in many industries as validated rewards — that offer lower in-market prices than instant discounts or coupons do.

At Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, we are a leading single-source provider of pricing strategy, promotion management, rebate processing, rules-based validation, reward fulfillment and CRM.

Whether you are looking for a traditional mail-in rebate provider or a paperless solution that can integrate into your point-of-sale and loyalty program, we can simplify your rebate or validated reward program management.

Our strategic insights — based on current shopper-behavior research and 15 years of experience — can give your business the competitive advantage it needs, including consumer data collection, net-price advertising, spendback of promotional dollars and more.


Whether you’re selling autos, repair and maintenance, or after-market supplies, we have proven rebate programs that will increase your sales. For example:

  • Preserve pricing that indicates quality with rebates instead of discounts
  • Offer rebate fulfillment for oil changes, tire purchases, wiper blades and more
  • Attract repeat customers with additional rebate program offers

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Spanning categories from bottled water to liquor, the beverage industry has unique promotional requirements. Our integrated marketing strategies can serve them all. For example:

  • Reward loyal customers with repeat-purchase and bundled rebate programs
  • Launch new products with taste-test and post-purchase rebates
  • Enrich social media “likes” with exclusive rebates, recipes and more

Ask us about our refreshing sales-generating ideas.

Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG companies can build profits with upsell, cross-sell and bundled purchase rebate programs. We offer up-to-date insights, pricing strategies and campaigns to entice shoppers to choose your products. For example:

  • Launch new products with trial offers and post-purchase rebates
  • Attract repeat customers with special rebates based on previous purchases
  • Enrich social media “likes” and reviews with exclusive rebates

Ask us about our campaign-in-a-box, repeat-sales services.

Electronics & Technology

Consumer electronics and technology industries are fast-paced and competitive. Only the smartest marketing strategies will accelerate your sales. For example:

  • Preserve “cool and new” product price points with post-purchase rebate fulfillment
  • Combat showrooming with better-than-online-search price match via rebates
  • Sell end-of-life products with deeper rebate discounts

Ask us about our innovative retail marketing ideas.

Energy & Utilities

These industries are facing an unprecedented set of challenges. From deregulation to green solutions, smarter sales strategies are mandatory. For example:

  • Leverage our industry expertise in the energy sector with targeted rebate fulfillment
  • Reduce churn with time-triggered contract renewal rebate programs
  • Reward customer loyalty with cash-back and surprise-and-delight rebates

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Hardware stores offer products at a wide variety of price points. And since customers may be anyone from individual do-it-yourselfers to professional contractors, offering an array of rewards works best. For example:

  • Attract repeat customers with special rebate programs based on previous purchases
  • Sell more across departments with rebates for project-related products
  • Create a seamless, branded rebate experience to leverage vendor-funded rebates

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Household Appliances

For consumers, price is the number-one factor when making appliance purchases. Sell and upsell more using smarter shopper marketing strategies. For example:

  • Preserve pricing that reinforces brand quality with rebates instead of discounts
  • Attract repeat customers with special incentives based on previous purchases
  • Combat showrooming with better-than-online-search price match via rebates

Ask us about our hard-working, sales-generating ideas.

Office Products

Office products span all price points and are used by value-minded students, entrepreneurs and enterprises. Our proven retail marketing strategies work. For example:

  • Offer loss-leader prices via rebate to drive in-store and online traffic
  • Attract repeat customers with special rebates based on previous purchases
  • Build a seamless, branded rebate experience to leverage vendor-funded rebate programs

Ask about how our ideas can supply you with more sales.


This $340 billion annual US industry serves price-sensitive consumers who want better values. Increase your market share with smarter pricing strategies. For example:

  • Preserve price points across retailers while offering rebates to consumers
  • Attract repeat customers with special rebate fulfillment based on refill dates

Ask about our ideas to improve your sales interactions.

Retail Stores

The retail industry faces increasing price sensitivity and showrooming. Get more of your customers’ wallet share with smarter marketing and pricing strategies. For example:

  • Combat showrooming with better than-online-search price match via rebates or validated rewards
  • Use BOPIS (Buy On-Line, Pickup In Store) and validated rewards together to increase doorswings and spendback
  • Leverage our research insights into shopper behavior throughout the entire promotional calendar
  • Preserve “brand prestige” pricing with validated reward programs instead of instant discounts
  • Reduce overstocked inventory with end-of-season deep validated rewards

Ask about our ideas that help you ring up more sales.


This historically device-driven industry is becoming even more competitive as consumers want more data on more devices. Rebates and other validated reward strategies can increase ARPU and reduce churn. Our shopper marketing insights help you identify the best opportunities to sell more upgrades and add-ons too. For example:

  • Increase acquisition with validated reward programs for Early Termination Fees
  • Improve retention with renewal rewards via rebates
  • Launch competitive promotions with agile campaigns that can go live quickly
  • Combat device showrooming with online price-match rebates
  • Sell more end-of-life products with deeper rebate discounts

Ask about our ideas that help you mobilize more sales.

Travel & Leisure

Today’s travelers aggressively shop online for deals, even for first-class services. Increase your bookings with smarter marketing strategies. For example:

  • Encourage upgrades and repeat purchases with buy-more-save-more rebates
  • Offer “best price match” guarantees with post-purchase rebates
  • Preserve “brand prestige” pricing with rebates instead of instant discounts

Ask about our ideas can accommodate all of your sales goals.

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