Channel as Simple as Possible

We improve channel management and simplify execution with our new, proprietary platform. Our thought leadership establishes best practices for more effective channel incentive programs that out-perform traditional SPIF strategies.

Why Blackhawk Engagement Solutions Channel?

We make channel incentives, marketing and partner relationship management (PRM) as simple as possible with:

  • Support for local, national and global programs
  • Worldwide reach into 130+ countries with 26 languages
  • Strategic insights and thought leadership
  • Platform flexibility that simplifies complex channel programs
  • In-house marketing and creative services
  • Dedicated account management teams
  • Corporate offices in the US and UK

The sales channel is extraordinarily complex for you and your partners. The easier you make it for them, the more success you will achieve. We simplify the complexities of channel management through better insights & flexible channel incentive and PRM technology. Our proprietary research and tools enable you to:

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More Effective Channel Incentives