Celebrate® Discover® Prepaid Card

Make employee anniversaries and achievements truly special.

When an employee achieves something meaningful, such as a service anniversary or safety goal, it’s an opportunity. Let it pass, and you miss the chance for positive reinforcement. Celebrate it well, and you inspire others too. Of course, for true inspiration, your reward should be something more standout than an impersonal souvenir.

Merchandise catalogs seem like a personal, practical solution. They allow recipients to select their own reward, which is a plus. But for other reasons, they’re less than ideal. Selection is often limited, and the value of merchandise can be inflated. Plus, complex fulfillment creates a long wait between the milestone moment and the arrival of the award.

The Celebrate Discover® prepaid card is a personal, meaningful way to celebrate employee achievement without complications. It’s accepted at more than 100 popular nationwide retailers, giving individuals the freedom to shop for their ideal reward. They get awarded with more value too, because they’re able to get the best retail price and even take advantage of sales.

There can be more value in the Celebrate Card for you too, as it may be eligible for tax-exempt benefits governing certain achievement awards.* With or without this bonus, the Celebrate Card simplifies administration, allows you to adjust card value for length of service, and is fully customizable. It’s a great opportunity for you to make an employee achievement something truly special.


*Blackhawk Engagement Solutions and its officers, employees and affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting service to clients or prospective clients. Clients should consult their own tax, legal and accounting professional advisors to determine the tax and accounting issues involved in any specific incentive programs under consideration. The law governing achievement awards may give tax-exempt status to service and safety rewards meeting certain requirements. The award must be tangible personal property and comply with applicable Internal Revenue Code and Regulations. Through our patented merchant filtering process, we are providing a merchandise-focused reward card that may make it possible to take advantage of these potential tax savings.


  • Available for purchase in the U.S.
  • Issued in points, 1 point = $1 U.S.
  • Single-load; variety of values available
  • Welcome at 100+ popular U.S. retailers
  • Custom or standard card and collateral
  • Option to show Discover Acceptance Mark on card back only
  • Can be anonymous or personalized
  • Ships to U.S. locations individually or in bulk

Recommended Uses

  • Service Anniversaries

    Recognize company loyalty with a reward that’s as valuable to your employees as they are to you.

  • Employee Rewards & Recognition

    Encourage higher levels of engagement, performance and safety with incentives that reinforce desired behavior.

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Celebrate® Discover® Prepaid Card

Welcome at 100+ popular U.S. retailers.

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