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At Blackhawk Engagement, we deliver proven incentives, complete end-to-end program management and everything in between. And although no two programs are ever the same, we begin each one the same way: by focusing on your unique business goals. With a thorough understanding of your needs and budget, we’ll recommend the consumer, employee or sales channel incentives that will work best for your program.

Prepaid cards and gift cards are popular; many people like carefully curated merchandise and travel catalogs; others want checks and PayPalTM.

The Right Reward Choices

We can fulfill these incentives and more:

People Prefer Prepaid: Prepaid Cards and Shopping Habits

Research shows that when given a choice, people prefer prepaid cards as rewards over other options. But what do they prefer when it’s one type of prepaid card against another? Download this People Prefer Prepaid: Prepaid Cards and Shopping Habits infographic to learn what consumers value in prepaid, gift and digital cards, and how their choices influence today’s shopping habits.