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Where It’s At: A Connected Shopper Study


Today’s consumers are always on the move. They’re looking for quicker, easier and more targeted deals that fit into their digital and mobile shopping paths to purchase. How can you make sure your products are easy to find when and where shoppers are looking? To answer this question, Blackhawk Engagement Solutions conducted a national consumer shopper behavior study with 2,608 respondents.

We explored how today’s Americans search, compare, shop and purchase products in 13 major retail verticals, including appliances, automotive products, clothing, electronics, entertainment, furniture, groceries and consumer products, home improvement and hardware, office supplies, pet products, sporting goods, subscription services and toys.

Our insights include the incentives consumers prefer when choosing where to make purchases. A few of our key findings are:

  • Nearly half of consumers are more sensitive to price this year than they were last year, so price continues to have the greatest effect on their purchasing behavior
  • Only 15% believe loyalty programs provide the most savings
  • 62% regularly seek out and sign up for digitally delivered special promotions
  • 54% of shoppers would use a mobile wallet (instead of a traditional wallet) if it were accepted everywhere
  • In every vertical, consumers prefer a deeper discount offered as a rebate or post-purchase validated reward

Where It’s At: A Connected Shopper Study

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