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Lewisville, TX, May 3, 2012 – Parago, the nation’s largest rebate provider, today announced that it has surpassed 75 million total paperless rebates delivered to clients including retailers, manufacturers and wireless businesses. Paperless rebates, which are redeemed through a simple online platform rather than the traditional mail-in process, allow companies to offer an improved customer experience, extend brand interaction online and execute more eco-friendly promotions that require less paper.

Parago has been a leader in paperless promotions since the launch of its first paperless rebate in 2004. During the past seven years Parago has delivered more than 75 million paperless rebates, totaling more than $2.5 billion in promotional funds distributed. Customer satisfaction with the programs has driven strong returns and also created longer-term customer loyalty for Parago’s clients.

“Not only do paperless rebates make the rebating experience simpler and more rewarding for consumers, but the online redemption platforms give sponsoring businesses access to a captive audience that is more likely to opt-in to ongoing email communications or make additional purchases,” said Juli Spottiswood, Parago President & CEO. “Thanks to these benefits, and also because businesses want to respond to consumers’ evolving preferences for technology and communication, we are seeing more and more clients move toward paperless rebates.”

Advances in promotional technology have driven growth of paperless rebates. For example, some businesses now allow consumers to take a photo of their receipt and upload it to a mobile friendly site to redeem their rebates.

Paperless rebate programs offer more than just a simple, modernized solution to a legacy promotion, they also present a range of new integrated marketing opportunities to businesses. The web-based, interactive nature of paperless rebating provides an ideal platform to deliver important information to the customer and imprint additional brand messages. It also provides the ability to cross-sell associated products or services and promote additional offers. In fact, the average paperless rebate offers clients 10 more communication and brand touch points than paper-based rebates. Paperless rebates are also attractive to eco-conscious businesses.

Parago provides consumer incentive and customer acquisition rewards to one out of every two US households, for several Fortune 500 companies and for some of the largest brands in America.

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