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Engagement management provider receives NBRI Circle of Excellence Award for dedication to continuous improvement and client delivery


Lewisville, TX, March 13, 2012 –Parago, a leading provider of end-to-end engagement management programs for consumers, sales channels and employees, today announced that it has received the Circle of Excellence Award from the National Business Research Institute for its commitment to continuous improvement and client delivery. This award was granted as a result of Parago’s 2011 client survey results, which showed market-best levels of client satisfaction, Parago performance, and above all, client’s willingness to recommend Parago to others.

Record-breaking Client Satisfaction and Service

In 2011, Parago saw record-breaking client satisfaction, with improvement and high levels of performance along measured categories, including delivery team, Parago people, quality of service, commitment to partnership, value of service, reporting and willingness to recommend. The company received overall improvement in client satisfaction scores, with the highest scores for Parago team quality and delivery. Parago’s rebate and incentive clients agreed that their contacts at Parago listen to their concerns, communicate and interact effectively and are responsive to their needs. Impressively, 100% of Parago’s major rebate clients reported that they would recommend Parago to others.

The NBRI Circle of Excellence Award recognizes organizations that place a high value on employee and customer satisfaction. These organizations demonstrate their dedication by conducting best in class survey research with NBRI and taking action based upon the results. NBRI commends the leadership of these organizations for their commitment to the Continuous Improvement Process and recognizes their achievements with the Circle of Excellence Award.

“At Parago we infuse customer and client satisfaction into everything we do, and are consistently pushing the envelope to improve our client’s programs and our delivery. We are thrilled to see that our dedication to continuous improvement is reflected in our client satisfaction,” said Juli Spottiswood, Parago President & CEO. “We were pleased to hear that in 2011 our high-impact, value-driven consumer and corporate incentives programs were well executed and received by our top-tier client roster, including many Fortune 500 brands and American legacy companies. We look forward to ongoing performance and innovation in 2012.”

The NBRI Circle of Excellence is one of Parago’s many industry distinctions and accolades that recognize their dedication to industry performance and client, and consumer satisfaction. Parago is a Net Promoter Certified organization, recipient of dozens of awards for client programs, culture and executive leadership, for a list of achievements, please visit

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