Who is Blackhawk Engagement Solutions?

Blackhawk Engagement offers business-to-business reward solutions for corporate incentive and consumer promotions programs. Our clients use our wide selection of prepaid cards and American Express® Gift Cheques for programs such as employee recognition, sales incentives, dealer/distributor incentives, consumer promotions and rebates to drive employee and consumer behaviors, build loyalty and increase brand awareness.

How does Blackhawk Engagement benefit businesses?

Blackhawk Engagement provides value-added reward solutions developed exclusively for business clients offering numerous benefits:

  • Customizable card design options
  • Robust suite of DirectSpend®* card products with custom merchant redemption options
  • Online ordering and account summary capabilities
  • Broad range of fulfillment options, including bulk or individual delivery
  • Sales management and customer service teams that are focused exclusively on the needs and goals of business customers

Here are just a few of the specialized card design benefits and options making Blackhawk Engagement the ideal business incentive:

  • Client co-branding
  • Client custom card design options
  • Special message line/embossing
  • Large order sizes**

Can the cards be personalized?

Yes. Personalization with recipient name is available by request for most Blackhawk Engagement prepaid cards. In addition, embossing with client name or program theme is also available.

What denominations are available?

Clients may choose any denomination to fit their needs. Even partial dollars are offered for rebate programs. Some restrictions may apply.

What is a reloadable card?

A reloadable card allows value to be loaded on the card by the sponsoring client over a period of time, such as with ongoing reward and recognition programs. The reloadable feature is available for most Blackhawk Engagement cards. Certain minimums and initial funding amount requirements may apply to reloadable programs. Additional value cannot be loaded on the card by recipients.

What is a predenominated card?

A predenominated card has a specified value set at the time it is issued; additional value cannot be loaded on the card. All Blackhawk Engagement cards can be predenominated.

What is a co-branded card?

Co-branded cards allow clients to add their corporate identity/logo to standard Blackhawk Engagement card designs for promotional impact. Most Blackhawk Engagement cards offer the co-branding feature. Some limitations and fees may apply.

What are client-designed (branded) options on cards?

Most Blackhawk Engagement prepaid cards offer clients the option to customize the design of their card face, card carrier, and envelope. This creates a unique, client-exclusive package for even greater brand and program reinforcement, and added promotional impact. Client design options extend fulfillment time, and some limitations and fees may apply.

How are the cards packaged?

Cards are affixed to an attractive carrier detailing use instructions as well as terms and conditions. The card and carrier are enclosed in an envelope. Custom card materials are also available, additional fees may apply.

How do recipients check available card values or report a lost, stolen or non-received card?

Cardholder customer service is available 24/7 by calling the toll free number or visiting the website associated with the card. Both the toll-free number and website can be found on the back of the card. All products may be replaced (if lost, stolen or not received) with the remaining card balance at the time reported and prior to card expiration. Additional terms and fees may apply.

Can I access my business account, place an order and check order status online?

Yes. You can access your business account at my.intelispend.com. To set up a new account, call Blackhawk Engagement sales at 866-219-7533. Once your account is established you will be able to access your account, place orders and check status online. If you have any questions about an existing account, contact your Account Specialist.

What are my payment options?

U.S. payment options include company check, ACH debit/credit, wire transfer, American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Canadian payment options include company check, wire transfer, and American Express (certain limitations may apply in both the U.S. and Canada).

After I place my order and payment is received, what is the expected delivery time?

Standard cards are generally shipped three to five business days after clearance of funds. Additional time is required for co-branded, client-designed, and orders over 5,000 cards.

What is Blackhawk Engagement’s online reward management solution?

Blackhawk Engagement’s online rewards management solution is a comprehensive application that automates rewards program administration including award issuance, registration, communications, budgeting, fraud and audit control, and real-time management reporting for Blackhawk Engagement card programs only and certain fees apply.

Can I use Blackhawk Engagement card or Cheque images in my advertising or other printed materials?

Yes, provided American Express and Blackhawk Engagement approve all promotional and marketing materials prior to use or publication placement of ads and/or campaigns. Please contact us for complete advertising requirements and to discuss usage. You will receive high resolution images after your material is submitted and approved.

What is a card fee and what does it cover?

Blackhawk Engagement’s card fees cover program support, 24/7 multi-lingual cardholder support, card production and encoding, inventory and reorder management, standard packaging (plastic, carrier, envelope), standard shipping via US Postal Service First Class Mail, fulfillment and shipping of card packets, lost/stolen/non-received coverage, and for reloadable cards – funding fees applied per load.

*Blackhawk Engagement’s merchant acceptance process is so innovative it’s patented. US Patent Numbers 5,689,100 and 5,956,695. Canadian Patent Number 2,215,969.

**Restrictions may apply.