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Blackhawk Engagement Solutions is the global leader in customized incentive and engagement solutions for consumer promotions, employee rewards and recognition, and indirect sales channel marketing programs. We are a strategic partner with the world’s leading brands and a thought leader that provides game- changing engagement solutions.

Our card solutions range from universal to filtered acceptance, thanks to our proprietary process. And with powerful partnerships, we offer choices on all four major payment card networks: American Express, Discover®, MasterCard and Visa. In many cases, these cards are delivered as the rewards for participating in a redemption-based promotion, such as a rebate, gift-with-purchase or points-based program.

Blackhawk Engagement Solutions is owned by Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc., which supports distribution of physical and digital prepaid products. Through proprietary technology and more than 180,000 locations, Blackhawk Network offers a wide selection of gift cards, prepaid telecom handsets, airtime cards and general purpose reloadable cards. Its growing network of digital distribution partners includes leading retailers, financial service providers, social apps, mobile wallets and other integrated physical-to-digital channels.


Check us out and see how we can help you inspire actions that impact results as a leading incentive & engagement solutions provider.

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